Do You Practice? (Bach G Major Allemande)

In Central Park a few days ago, I was playing the Bach G Major Allemande.


Several people stopped to listen for a while. These two women, and a baby, stayed for the entire movement and perhaps a few more, taking photos and video. When I was done, I walked over to say hi and give them a flyer.


“May I ask you a question,” asked the lady on the left (mother of the lady on the right). “Of course,” I replied.

“Do you practice?”

I laughed a bit. “Of course!” She asked how much, and I explained that with concerts coming up 3-4 hours a day at minimum.

“I’m a music teacher in Alaska. I will be able to show my students the video of you playing this beautiful music in Central Park and explain that even someone like you has to practice.”

We had a lovely conversation and went out ways.

And if she and her students find this, I have one thing to say: practice!